Creating vision through business concepts in Cameroon.

By August 15, 2006

Cameroon (MNN)–Compared to other African countries, Cameroon enjoys relative political and social stability. That makes it the perfect place from which to launch growth initiatives.

Global Advance’s David Shibley was recently there for a Marketplace Mission conference to help the indigenous church become self-supporting.

The goal? “Cameroon has one of the most vigorous church planting initiatives of which I am aware in West Africa. Not only that, but there are missionaries going from Cameroon to other parts of francophone Africa, and even beyond.”

Creating a strong indigenous church can only happen, Shibley says, when you combine business skills with biblical concepts.

Those ingredients make it possible for Christians in the marketplace to flourish. That’s the thinking behind the Kingdom Business Network (KBN) founded in Douala, Cameroon.

Hal and Martha Rahman, Global Advance West Africa Associates had a vision to disciple influential businessmen and women to help them see their purpose in the Kingdom of God.

“This network of Christian businesspersons who have been trained at our marketplace mission conference are now helping to fund that church planting initiative throughout Cameroon and beyond.”

The group is diverse and includes a 30-year member of the Douala Chamber of Commerce, doctors, lawyers, attorneys, manufacturers, commodities specialists, and bi-vocational pastors. Each member of the group is actively involved in discipling other businesspersons throughout the region.

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