Crisis pregnancy counseling opens doors to the Gospel.

By July 27, 2004

USA (MNN) — And, did you know only 2-4 percent of women in a crisis pregnancy choose adoption? Brook Boyson knows that situation.

“A lot of girls out there don’t have the kind of support. When I was pregnant I had huge support from my church, and from my family and my friends they were so supportive and I had so much prayer going out to me and I don’t think I could have made it without that,” says Boyson.

Now a 21-year old married mother, Boyson works with Adoption Associates to use her experience as an encouragement to other women in similar circumstances.
She says, “People think that when you make a mistake, especially having an unplanned pregnancy, when you make that kind of mistake it’s a visible mistake, you can’t hide that. Something that God has shown me that I can do is I can show His love by letting them know that people make mistakes, but God forgives them. That’s why Jesus died.”
Boyson says adoption gives life to both mother and child. It also paints wonderful picture of what God did for us a believers.

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