Crossroad Bible Institute issues a calls for help to share the love of Christ to prison inmates.

By September 1, 2005

USA (MNN) — It’s still four months away, but Christmas is on the minds of Crossroad Bible Institute. That’s because they’re getting ready to launch this year’s “Send-A-Card” program for prison inmates across the US.

Last year, they distributed more than 25,000 cards in the prisons. This year, because of the sheer number of inmates they want to reach, Crossroad is starting the call for help early. They hope to send a card to each of the 32,000 students in their Bible correspondence lesson program.

Crossroad’s David Schuringa explains: “These are students who are being discipled, students who are taking our faith-based re-entry program lessons, and then what we do is that we take the cards and we include them with their lessons. So when we send them their new lessons that need to be completed they’ll have a Christmas card come with it. And so it’s the students who are in that program, and they’re in every prison in the country, Ruth, we’re from Coast to Coast, so there’s inmates in every state that receive these Christmas cards.”

Last year, Mission Network News featured a story about this special Christmas outreach, and MNN listeners responded with a wave of support that had a huge impact. Again, Crossroad is asking for your help to touch 32,000 prisoners’ lives with Christ’s love.

Schuringa says, “Christmas is probably the most lonely day of the year for prisoners…and we just get letter after letter that the inmates are so grateful that someone remembered a Christmas card. This is a very small way in which anyone can bring some of Christ’s joy to an inmate.”

It’s been a “huge hit” with so many people, says Schuringa, and an easy way to involve a Sunday school group, church, Bible study, neighborhood, school or family in a unique and meaningful outreach at this special time of year. And, Schuringa adds, “It’s a very simple way – pick out a English or Spanish card and send it to us, put a little greeting in it, and it’s a great way to touch a life.”

Specific regulations and instructions on how to help with this prison outreach can be found at Crossroad’s website or by calling CRBI. Click here for contact information.

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