Cuban authorities confiscate a press used to print Scriptures.

By October 20, 2005

Cuba (MNN)–Word has reached Voice of the Martyrs that 11 days ago, Cuban authorities raided a home in Colon.

In that raid, police confiscated a printing press used to print Scriptures. Government officials also took the already printed materials, calling them ‘subversive and dangerous’.

Police then took Pastor Eliseo Rodriguez Matos to the local police station for interrogation. Authorities, according to VOM. then called Senora Caridad Diego, the Minister of Religion, in Havana. She is an atheist who supports the Communist government in restricting evangelism.

The Ministry of Religion calls the confiscated printing press �very dangerous.� Oddly, VOM agrees. Tom White, Executive Director of The Voice of the Martyrs, USA says, �The Word of God is dangerous. It can produce eternal freedom in the midst of evil tyranny.�

Although the doors seemed to be opening for ministry, the hostility against believers remains intact under the Communist regime. Please remember to pray for believers and their work in Cuba.

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