Cultural conflicts cause problems among Myu believers

By March 4, 2004

Papua New Guinea (MNN)–Major cultural offenses have divided a community and effects the spreading of the Gospel. New Tribes Mission reports that several Myu believers in Miupak, Papua New Guinea have stopped attending church meetings because of a conflict with Myus in another village.

There were some major cultural offenses made by a group of believers and that has resulted in the Miupak church closing until restitution is made. Missionary Jan Wols, who serves in the neighboring Lamogai tribe, advised the few uninvolved Miupak Christians to meet for prayer for their fellow believers and give repentant believers a chance to join in fellowship once more.

Missionary Lenore Tillitson says there are many cultural practices that do not conflict with Biblical mandates but the ones that do need to be recognized and set aside.
Meanwhile, the four other Myu churches in the area continue to grow in the Lord. Myu Bible teachers are organizing a New Testament dedication ceremony scheduled for March 17.

Prayer is being asked for the Miupak church to be restored to fellowship and for the Bible teachers that are preparing for the bible dedication ceremony.

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