Da Vinci Code forcing Christians to study their Bible

By May 11, 2006

USA (MNN) — It’s caused quit a stir among Christians and non-Christians alike. “The Da Vinci Code” is a fictional book written by Dan Brown, and now a movie, which some call a revisionists version of the life of Christ. Some Christians suggest boycotts and protests. 12 books refuting it have been published. Some non-believers credit Brown for exposing the truth.

However, some Christians are looking at this as an opportunity to witness. En-Gedi Resource Center’s Lois Tverberg says, “In a way, the Lord could be using even this movie to generate some excellent discussion as long as Christians are prepared and have been studying.” That’s exactly what En-Gedi is all about.

Tverberg says the major topic in the book is that Jesus married Mary Magdalene. Critics of the Bible suggest any Jewish man in good standing would be pressured to marry. But, Tverberg says, “If you examine the data little more closely from Jesus’ time, it’s actually quite untrue and specifically in the case of Rabbis from His time. Typically, many Rabbis traveled with disciples and they taught from synagogue to synagogue and during that time it was very difficult to marry.”

As Christians study not only the Bible, but information En-Geni has available, you can defend your faith even better. More importantly, Tverberg says, “I would say that it definitely gives Christians an opportunity to witness and I think that Christians should take the attitude of instead of being defensive, challenge ourselves to study the Bible more deeply, to study the culture around the Bible and then, with confidence, be happy for every discussion that comes our way about it.”

Many resources are available to help you. En-Gedi is offering information about “The Da Vinci Code” at their website. Go to EGRC.net and look for the icon.

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