Dalit court case on hold until October 25th

By October 20, 2005

India (MNN) — The Indian government once again attempted to scuttle the Supreme Court’s hearing of a case that would grant affirmative action rights to low caste Dalit Christians. Under current law, Dalits who profess any other religion are granted rights to work and education, but they lose those rights if they become a Christian. This week the government asked the court to throw out the case because they had appointed a commission to look into the situation.

Gospel for Asia KP Yohannan says the court said no and has set October 25th as the date to hear the case. He says the extra time is on their side. “There will be a greater amount of international pressure coming up on the government to make this decision. And, if they say no to it this is going to be a human rights violation and huge crisis for the government. They only have one option; to do what is right according to the constitution. That’s what we’re praying for and I think it’s going to happen.”

Once Dalit Christians are granted this freedom, Yohannan says, “The floodgate will be wide open. People will in masses come to faith in Jesus. That’s what is going to happen. I think God is behind it. I don’t think anyone can stop it and that’s what we should really be praying for.”

However, Yohannan says this may create a huge crisis for the church. “When millions and millions of these people walk into churches, can you imagine a church building that has space for 300 people, now 3,000 people want to be there, what do you do with that? And, plus, who is going to pastor all these new converts?”

If there aren’t enough trained Christians to help? Yohannan says, “That is my greatest fear and agony. What’s going to happen, all these new converts will have nothing to give them understanding of Christian faith and the enemy can come and lead them into all kinds of cults (and) all kinds of weird doctrines.”

However, Yohannan is praying that his radio ministry will help some with the discipleship. Please pray for the court hearing next week and that many will turn to Christ.

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