Dalits are reaching the elite of India with God’s word.

By December 21, 2005

India (MNN) — There are 300-million Dalits in India. These are the oppressed. They’re called the untouchables, the low caste of society. What’s interesting is that that the majority of those coming to Christ in India today people are from the Dalit caste. While this is an important group to reach, Bibles for the World is also reaching another segment of India’s society through the mail.

Bibles for the World’s Mawii Pudaite. “The people we are mailing Bible by mail are people, are readers and leaders who own telephones in their homes. These are doctors and lawyers and business people that we missionaries can’t even reach them, but through the mail we can reach into their homes.”

Bibles for the World used to ship Bibles from the United States, but not anymore. “We looked into India and we discovered we can provide the printing and the distribution for as little as $2.25.”

The added blessing is new Dalit believers are doing the work, says Pudiate. But, the Bible work is only part of the blessing. “Our native evangelists and pastors are making disciples of these new believers. When we bring them together they also have the opportunity to have an hour or more as needed to teach them the Word of God. And then, they in turn go home and tell their families and start a little house church.”

It’s ironic that the Dalits are providing eternal answers for the well educated. “Isn’t it interesting the untouchable outcasts, whom they can’t even employ inside their homes are now wrapping these Bibles for the elite.”

Your gift of $9 can place a Bible into the hands of four families.

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