Darfur Christian aid convoy safe.

By October 13, 2006

Sudan (MNN)–Sudan’s Darfur troubles have spilled over into neighboring Chad. Rebel fighting threatens to destabilize the region further.

Christian Reformed World Relief Committee’s Jacob Kramer says it was through this that they sent a convoy to help their team. “The convoy has arrived in good order. It’s taken a bit longer, but happily, there were no incidents of violence or attacks.”

The team is setting up in Geneina, Darfur. Their arrival is a much needed shot in the arm. Kramer says, “We have two additional vehicles and that means we can do so much more than on oxcarts and donkeys.”

CRWRC is working in Darfur to care for 90,000 refugees. The program, with a budget of about $2.6 million (CDN) is providing food, vegetable seed, animals, latrines, wells, fuel-efficient stoves, tree seedlings, and health-related services to people in the El Geneina area of Darfur.

This work is being done in collaboration with World Relief, World Concern, Food for the Hungry International, MAP International, and NorthWest Medical Teams International.

However, pick-up trucks can be easily converted into vehicles of war. CRWRC and their colleagues have put functional trucks up on blocks and hidden them under blankets, rather than use them in the Darfur refugee camps.

That means the team’s need for new vehicles was reaching a critical point because of the trouble with distribution of medicines and foods in the refugee camps.

With new vehicles in service, Kramer says the teams are able to serve as a voice for the hope of Christ. “Just being there is a great testimony. If we are there, as a team, the questions go ‘Why are you here?’ In that, we have opportunity for individual witnessing.”

Please keep the drivers, and the ongoing work in Darfur in prayer.

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