Day of Compassion coming in the U-S

By April 19, 2006

USA (MNN) — Child sponsorship is more than just helping provide a meal, clothing and education for a child. It’s about equipping nationals to share the Gospel with young people. That’s what Compassion Sunday in the United States is all about.

Compassion International’s Regina Hopewell says, “Compassion Sunday is a day that we set aside each year so that people who care about needs of children, living in poverty around the world, can spread the word and make people more aware in churches around the nation.”

According to Hopewell, “By making people more aware of what’s happening with children around the world; all of the needs that they have. The hope is that people will want to do something and want to respond and take action. And so, we provide the opportunity for people to be linked with a child through sponsorship.”

Compassion International has been sponsoring children for 54 years. “Currently we are ministering to over 740,000 children around the world. But, there are so many more that need to be helped. This year, through Compassion Sunday, we hope that through this one event we can find sponsors for 21,000 children.”

What makes this program unique is that the sponsorship programs are run through local churches in these countries. “It is local Christians who are ministering to the children. It’s the people who live right there who we’re providing materials to, providing training, providing resources so that they can really be the church right there in the community for the children,” says Hopewell.

As these children come to know Christ, the investment people make in their lives goes even further. Hopewell says, “We have found that our children are some of the best evangelists. Children come to the program they learn about Christ. They take the songs, the Bible verses and the stories home to their families. So, in that way, the children are able to bring their parents to Christ in many circumstances.”

If you’d like information on how to present the needs of children to your church on Compassion Sunday, go to and click on the ‘Share Compassion’ link at the top of the page.

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