Deadly flooding in Ethiopia hits Compassion International projects.

By August 21, 2006

Ethiopia (MNN)–Unusually heavy rains have led to serious flooding around the Horn of Africa.

The resulting disaster near Ethiopia’s Omo river devastated whole villages and killed hundreds. Officials say the flood waters have submerged 14 villages, destroying homes, roads, and carrying off thousands of head of livestock.

All last week, the Ethiopian government struggled to deliver food, medicine and temporary shelters to thousands chased out by the waters. Police were kept busy picking up some 20,000 survivors, marooned by the flood.

Compassion International’s Jay Lees says they have five larger projects in the region. Of those connected to Compassion’s ministry, “18 of the families have completely lost their homes and another 18 have lost most or all of their property. So at this time, we’re providing some relief efforts for them…blankets, clothing, things like that.”

Sadder still, he continues, “One life lost as far as a compassion project child.” Please pray for comfort for the family of the child who died. Compassion Ethiopia will send additional details and specific child numbers as soon as they are available.

Authorities are struggling to cope with the disaster. There are now growing fears of an outbreak of waterborne diseases like cholera.

Lees urges prayer for their team. “We are currently working with the project directors at the churches where the projects are and we’re trying to continue to assess the damage and see how we can help these folks rebuild their lives.” Also pray for God’s protection and provision for all the children and families who lost homes and possessions in the flood.

A sharp focus for the team. Lees says, “We’re trying to get them out of a poverty area, and of course, our mantra, ‘Releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name’, is what Compassion is about.”

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