Deadly monsoon flooding in Thailand sweeps Compassion projects.

By September 29, 2006

Thailand (MNN)–Floods caused by late monsoon downpours destroyed hundreds of homes and shops in the affected region. Many areas, especially those in the mountains, are still at risk of landslides.

Compassion International has six projects in the flooded regions. Three are in the Mae Jam district of Chiang Mai. Two are in the Nakorn Thai district of Phitsanulok and one is in the Bank Rakum district of Phitsanulok.

Compassion International’s Julie Koshy says, unfortunately, “We did have about 153 children affected by the heavy rainfall. Many of these kids lost homes. They need food, (and) they need medicine. Compassion Thailand is assisting them. Unfortunately, we also have one child who did die”, and the sponsoring family has been notified.

Koshy says their staff has been working all along to be the hands and feet of Christ. This crisis will allow them to live their faith even more. “I can safely say that most of those children do not come from Christian backgrounds, yet the families are just so happy that we are loving their children that they’re still willing to take the Bibles. It’s up to the children and it’s up to the families whether or not they accept Christ and move on with that, but at least provide that opportunity for them.”

Please continue to pray for the children and their families who have experienced so much loss. Also pray for the staff for God’s strength and wisdom as they work to meet the needs of so many lives that have been devastated.

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