Death toll increases again in Pakistan, Christians continue their work

By November 9, 2005

Pakistan (MNN) — Pakistan’s official death toll rose by 13,000 in the last 36 hours following a broad assessment headed by the World Bank and Asian Development Bank. The catastrophe puts the toll at more than 86,000. However, that could rise as winter approaches.

Food for the Hungry is a Christian humanitarian organization that doesn’t want to see that happen. FHI’s President Ben Homan says, “It’s going to be winter there very soon. It’s already very cold and lives are very seriously threatened. So, it’s very urgent that we respond.”

FHI is providing tents to help some of the estimated three-million people who are homeless, says Homan. He says helping however, is complex. “The winterized tents are very expensive to acquire and they’re in short supply and so the prices have gone up. And then, the shear physical barrier of getting them to Pakistan and into many of the places where they’re needed (is a problem). It’s just a huge logistical issue.”

However, Food for the Hungry is working through a partnership that’s helping them be more effective. “There is a church in Pakistan and we’ve been privileged to partner with one of the leading denominations that is in Pakistan. That’s immediately given us access to volunteers and workers that are on the ground. They know the language and the culture and they’re excellent to provide accountability.”

Funding is needed to help FHI and their team purchase the tents and distribute them in God’s name. Pray that this outreach will be effective and that they’ll have even more opportunities to serve Him.

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