Dengue, other ills in India monsoon footprint–ministry seeks to rebuild.

By October 9, 2006

India (MNN)–The aftermath of India’s monsoons is still being felt. Dengue fever and other waterborne-illnesses are springing from the pools of water left by the storms.

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences set up a makeshift ward to deal with hundreds of dengue fever patients, some of whom were forced to hold intravenous drip bags above their heads because of a lack of equipment.

While this monsoon season was not remarkable, comparatively speaking, repairs are still being made and damage assessments made.

Audio Scripture Ministries’ Tom Dudenhofer . “Our facilities in Bangalore are older. One building, in particular has been quite severely damaged by the monsoon rains.”

It’s actually the cumulative effect of the rains, because, Dudenhofer explains, “It wasn’t a result of this years’ rains, it’s a result of every years’ rains.”

Their facilities experience some type of flooding annually. That’s why the team is looking at the feasibility of building a new ministry center in Bangalore to replace a building that is nearly a century old.

As long as they’re going to commit to it, they might as well build to accomodate the growth and future of the outreach. “The ministry center, right now, is in the planning stage. We’ve received preliminary architect’s drawings, and because it sits so low, that building is going to have to be torn down, and, pretty much, the rubble will be used to fill in this low area.”

Fundraising is the next step. “Then, Lord willing, we hope it’ll end up to be a five story building with visitors’ quarters, and conference training rooms, as well as housing for our staff on location.”

The details of the timeline and budget are in assessment. If you’d like to help with the building project in India, click here.

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