Dennis survivors begin cleanup as another storm threatens the Caribbean.

By July 13, 2005

Caribbean (MNN)–Hurricane Dennis survivors are mopping up, even as Tropical Storm Emily revs up.

Food For The Poor’s Angel Aloma says this is going to be a rough season to ride out. “The fifth named tropical storm already for this season is heading directly to the area of Haiti, once again, which is a record for any season. We’ve never had five named storms by this time already.”

Much of the storm damage was to housing in Jamaica and Haiti. The most urgent need is funds for housing repair supplies, mainly lumber and zinc. Aloma says relief supplies are already being given out from their warehouse in the area.

Being prepared was helpful for quick response when Hurricane Ivan tore through last year. It has its advantages now, looking ahead to what is predicted to be a horrific hurricane season.

In Haiti, despite the political unrest, food, medicine and educational supplies continue to be distributed to nearly 2,000 recipient organizations throughout the country.

Food For The Poor maintains 80,000 sq. ft. of warehouse in Spanish Town, Jamaica, and has on hand building repair supplies, food and emergency relief items.

All ten of the fishing village facilities, which are located around the coastline of Jamaica, have been secured, and the boats will be stored until the weather is again suitable for fishing.

As for ministry, “It’s very difficult, when your house is blown down, when your roof is blown off, when you have no food, to preach God’s Word and not to offer a helping hand. So, by seeing that help from their church organizations, from their pastors, they are recognizing that God’s goodness is alive through us.”

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