Despite the absence of power in Haiti, Christians are working

By March 2, 2004

Haiti (MNN) — After years of political and economic turmoil, Jean-Bertrand Aristide is now the former President of Haiti. He’s now in exile in the Central African Republic as rebels have claimed victory as they ousted the former leader from power. However, this rebel victory has still left the Haitian people in a desperate situation.

Because of that need, Food for the Hungry continues to reach out physically and spiritually. FHI’s President Ben Homan says the situation is stabilizing. However, the political situation isn’t the issue right now. “The critical situation is the state of the people of Haiti. Food supplies, transportation, things that will allow people to gain their livelihood and survive through this transition,” says Homan.

Food has been provided to many Haiti people that are suffering. Homan says, “The poverty in Haiti has been endemic and it is desperate for many families. They live in squalor and poverty, many of them.”

Homan says the systems that have brought such poverty upon Haiti are very complex. “The corruption of the government, belief systems that have been destructive, behavior in families that have lead to disease. HIV/AIDS is rampant,” says Homan. He says, “The answers are also complex. Food for the Hungry believes the ultimate answer is going to be in people discovering who they are in Christ.”

Food for the Hungry is working with the local church to help provide these needs. Homan says the church must be involved. “People in these kinds of situations, they do look up to the Lord. That’s our prayer for Haiti. Pray for the people of Haiti that in this valley, that they would look up to the mountains, so to speak, and see the Lord and His sufficiency and His power to address any and every need that they’re addressing,” says Homan.

You can help feed an entire family for $25 for an entire week. Financial gifts can be made at, or by calling 800-2-Hungers.

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