Despite threatened war, a missionary team in the Ivory Coast continues its outreach.

By November 1, 2004

Mali (MNN)–Ivory Coast Rebels have pulled out of the government and threatened war.

Their leader is withdrawing from the disarmament process, and has seized a smuggled truckload of weapons. The rebels blame the country’s president for betraying the good faith of any accords being discussed, indicating he was behind a covert weapons shipment to backers.

The incident, along with the previous instability has forced many mission agencies to rethink the future of ministry in the country.

One such casualty is CB International. However, since being redeployed from the Ivory Coast to Mali, a CBI missionary team continues to work on the border.

They report several opportunities to continue ministries they had in Ivory Coast. They are working with a handful of orphan students whose Ivorian schools closed, but want to continue their high school education.

Among the first group of students is a Muslim. Please pray for the team’s faith testimony as they reach out to the young people.

The good news is that though different, the people of Mali stand together when it comes to religion. CBI says they tend to be resistant to the Islamic attempts to dominate the country.

The good news is that means opportunities are abundant for the spreading of the Gospel.

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