Despite unrest, exciting times for Christians in Haiti.

By August 12, 2005

Haiti (MNN) — Unrest continues to plague Haiti as the nation prepares for presidential elections. But even in the midst of it, Men for Missions International has exciting plans for the future.

MFM’s Warren Hardig says they saw a need and are now planning to break ground for a new seminary in Cap-Haitien later this month: “Typically Cap-Haitien has been a little calmer. And so we’re out in the country and we’re going to go ahead and trust the Lord and build it and believe that God will help protect it and we’re going to go forward, because we need a seminary. We must have trained pastors if we’re going to build churches. And that’s one of my prayer requests, that the Lord will send us trained, compassionate, qualified preachers to come and do church planting in Haiti. That’s one of our great needs.”

The need is there, and so is the opening for meeting that need. Hardig says where they’re building the seminary is away from the severe disruptions: “Most of the unrest is in Port Au Prince, the capital city. And so while we have concerns and we’re always watching what’s going on, and we’ve had some incidents in Cap Haitian, and we’ve had some incidents with our people, we basically have remained reasonably safe and things have stayed pretty calm.”

This will be an ongoing need as they go through the process from ground-breaking to opening the much-needed seminary. Hardig says that it’s exciting times for Men For Missions, and you can be a part of the work: “We’re going to build a new seminary, and we’re looking at that as a new project. We’re doing the preliminary work to find out what we need to do in the way of infrastructure and get the final approval of the building and move ahead with that. And so that’s exciting that we’re going to start a new seminary project. And so that’ll be a project where a lot of men and women can be involved in not only giving but praying and then going and actually building. And so we’ll do that in different phases as we have money.”

If you would like to help support MFM in this project, through giving, praying or going on a trip to help build the seminary, contact Men for Missions by clicking on the highlighted link above.

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