Despite violence in India, ministry is expanding

By December 22, 2004

India (MNN) — Political unrest, bombings and threats of more of the same have Christians on edge in Nagaland, India. The Naga people are fighting for a homeland and Christians are telling them about the home they can have with Christ some day.

Mission India is helping in this area with church planting, children’s Bible clubs and more. Mission India’s John DeVries says it hasn’t been easy. “The people are just living in fear. It’s constant terrorism, guerrilla fighting, political intrigue, drug wars. I guess Iraq isn’t the only place.”

Despite all the turmoil, Mission India is planting a cluster of 10 church planters. It’s a two year training program. DeVries says their workers have actually had a major impact in a hospital in the jungle region as the violence forced doctors to leave. “Our church planters began to make the rounds at the hospital, praying not only for the sick, but praying for peace. And, God began answering their prayers by healing some of the patients. The local people began to appreciate these church planters and began to protect their work.”

The results of their work was also noticed by the doctor who had earlier left the hospital. DeVries says, “The head doctor had realized that Christ was responsible for the changes that were taking place so he decided to come back to work and stay on. And, he began meeting with the church planting students.” He came to Christ and so did many of the patients.

This is just one example of how God is using Mission India’s church planting ministry. Your gift of $150 a month can train, support and send a church planter to unreached areas of India. Go to or call them at (877) 644-6342.

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