Dozens turn to Christ following meetings in Thailand.

By December 19, 2003

Thailand (MNN) — A Thai evangelistic ministry saw 51 people respond to the gospel after three days of meetings in a Bangkok hotel recently.

The ministry, supported by Christian Aid Mission , arranged the indoor crusade December 5-7 at a Bangkok hotel. Each day 80-minute Bible teaching sessions were held on various subjects such as creation, sin, repentance, faith, salvation and assurance.

The first evening the owner of the hotel told how he became a believer after God healed him from a sickness that prevented him sleeping well for 30 years. After accepting Jesus Christ as his personal Savior, he had great peace and was able to sleep soundly through the night. His whole family became Christians.

More than 450 people of Thai and Myanmar background attended the crusade. At least 250 of these were non-Christians, including 170 from an area 60 km. (36 mi.) south of Bangkok who arrived in 21 small trucks and six taxis. On the closing night 51 people came forward to accept Jesus Christ, and after further instruction, 27 of them were baptized before leaving the hotel.

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