Dual language program draws people to the Gospel

By January 21, 2004

International (MNN) — Despite criticism of a dual language broadcast, a radio ministry believes this unique broadcast is serving a dual purpose.

Leading the Way with Michael Youssef is airing the program with two languages — English and another one of the seven translations, which is edited into the program. Leading the Way’s Vice President of International is Joshua Youssef says many international radio station managers were skeptical whether a program containing English would be accepted. Youssef says that isn’t a question any more. “We tried it, and the stations that broadcast the message received overwhelming response,” says Youssef. He continues, “English has moved from being the gate-keeper of the elite to being the ladder up for the messes. Without it they can not participate in the business world.”

Youssef says this program has spiritual and practical application. “It has a dual purpose,” says Youssef. “One, that the listener would come to faith in Jesus Christ, but two that they would have an understanding and a knowledge of the English Language,” he says.

Currently Lead the Way is broadcasting seven dual language programs. “English-Arabic, English-Turkish, English-Mandarin for China, we do English-Farsi for Iran, English-Indonesian, English-Punjabi for Pakistan and western India,” says Youssef.

The draw is the English and many people are listening who wouldn’t otherwise listen. Youssef says they have an incredible goal. Yousseff says, “We would like to be reaching 3.9 billion people by the year 2009 in the dual language format.”

Additional funding will be needed to help secure air-time in countries around the world. Your help is needed to help reach this goal.

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