During the crucial stage of transition from prison to society, Crossroad Bible Institute provides support connections.

By February 6, 2006

USA (MNN) — Crossroad Bible Institute is excited to report that after one full year, their new re-entry program for prison inmates is a “resounding success.”

Last year, they assisted 1261 of their students in the re-entry process. Crossroad provided connections with re-entry ministries to help in the crucial stages of transition upon release from prison. They also wrote recommendations for inmates’ parole hearings.

The re-entry program is Crossroad’s most recent endeavor, and both students and instructors were enthusiastic about the additional service. Crossroad Bible Institute disciples inmates during their incarceration and provides Bible study materials on different levels as the students go through the program.

Crossroads is thrilled about the success of the re-entry program, and feels it fits right into the mission and purpose they are trying to accomplish as they assist inmates.

The aim of the re-entry program is to help Crossroads graduates connect with re-entry agencies during the difficult transition from prison to society. They hope to help released inmates secure housing, find a church and get a job, all in order to help them “get established” and prevent them from returning to a life of crime.

Pray for Crossroad’s students as they study God’s Word and prepare to re-enter society.

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