Eastern European couple head back to homeland as missionaries

By April 3, 2006

USA (MNN) — A father’s hope, daughter’s desire and a willing husband has turned the “American Dream” upside down.

Oksana Gritsenko’s family moved from Ukraine to Belarus and then to the United States to escape religious persecution. Gritsenko remembers her father praying that their family would take what God give them and use it to help people back in their home country.

Years later, Oksana had an opportunity to go on her first mission trip with EuroTeam, a ministry of Greater Europe Mission. She served as an interpreter for the one2one outreach. That’s when God touched her heart for missions. “I remember praying that I wanted a husband whose heart was also for missions. Two years later I met Dmitriy, but he didn’t want to leave America and become a missionary. So, I prayed and ask God to either change my heart toward missions or change Dmitriy’s heart,” says Oksana. God changed Dmitriy’s.

For years Greater Europe Mission has been sending American missionaries to reach out to the people of Eastern Europe. Now, the Gritsenko family will be going to reach their own people with the Gospel, at a time when religious freedoms are being curtailed in placed like Belarus.

Pray for the Gritsenko family as they raise their support.

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