“Easy to Read” Scripture nearing completion for South Asia

By August 11, 2004

Nepal (MNN) – Two languages in Nepal and Northern India will soon have ‘easy to read’ Bible translations available to them. World Bible Translation Center’s David Stringham says they’ve been working on the Nepali and Oriya (or-ee-ah) project for some time.

Stringham says these new translations will do a lot to help in evangelism. “The idea of being able to have the Scriptures in a language where the average person on the street can pick it up and read it and understand God’s Word themselves, is a really powerful mission tool. It allows the text to work its way into areas where missionaries can not,” says Stringham.

He says giving one Bible to someone has a multiplying affect. He says, “If you give a copy of the Scripture to a person, it will actually be read by up to 10 people, that they share and pass it on to others and such.”

The ‘easy to read’ translations are in the final stages and are expected to be printed by the beginning of next year. Funding is needed to help print and distribute these Bibles. With the change in government in India, these Bible could have a significant impact on outreach in India.

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