Education provides outreach support in Ghana,

By April 24, 2006

Ghana (MNN)–Since 1957, Ghana has made significant strides toward educating her people. While much of the education landscape is geared toward children, there is a concerted effort to helping the adults.

Oasis International’s Ambrose Brennan, calling from their institute in Ghana, says their work brings opportunity to the people and a hope for their future.

That plays into the curriculum they teach at the Oasis International Training Center. The facility includes modern classrooms, a library, kitchen, dining room, conference rooms, recreational area and limited dormitory space.

Brennan says, “Basically, in the classes, we share leadership principles from the Bible, principles such as integrity, accountability, communications, relationship with their employees, employers, pastors, and the responsibilities in the church.”

The Center also serves as a good support for community ministry. “We see our role as more teaching and follow-up work after the evangelism is already done, so we can work hand in hand with the local pastor, and I think that’s a big plus for them as well.”

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