Efforts to promote antagonism against Christianity actually create more interest in it.

By January 30, 2006

Middle East (MNN) — IThroughout the Middle East, Christians are quietly and faithfully living for Christ despite opposition and persecution.

In countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran, there is a growing phenomenon of interest in the Gospel of Jesus, and Lee DeYoung with Words of Hope says the interest is in response to efforts to promote hostility toward Christians.

“Efforts to suppress and to vilify Christians, for some people, actually produce a reaction that increases their curiosity and their interest. And thankfully, we’ve heard accounts of people who quietly share, Christians sharing with Muslim neighbors who ask them about their faith and why they believe what they believe.”

Many Muslims really are seeking after God. They have a hunger to know Him, and as they have opportunities to talk with Christians, they find a common quest to discover God, and many are finding Jesus.

DeYoung says that as attempts are made to spark antagonism, there’s a growing curiosity, and people are saying, “‘Well, what is it about you that causes people to be so opposed in my country, or among others who share my religion?’ And that leads to opportunities for dialogue, or it leads to interest in hearing radio programs.”

Words of Hope broadcasts Christian radio in Arabic and Farsi throughout the Middle East, and DeYoung is encouraged. “So we think that the interest in radio programs and other forms of outreach, although these are times of great pressure, there is great risk, but also there is a growing hunger. And we praise God for that, and pray that we and those in those countries will be faithful in pursuing that.”

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