Elita sows destruction in Madagascar, believers move in to help.

By February 19, 2004

Madagascar (MNN)–Madagascar has appealed for international assistance after tropical storm
Elita killed 29 people and left thousands homeless.

Elita first hit Madagascar on January 28th, causing severe damage in the western and southeastern parts of the country. The cyclone returned on February 3rd, accompanied by damaging winds .

The impact of the torrential downpour on crop production in certain parts of the province was causing concern. In the south Midongy district [of Mahajanga,] almost 80 percent of rice fields were covered by floods.

Despite a devastating cyclone the ministry of Teen Mission will continue in Madagascar. Steve Peterson with Teen Mission describes the ruin. “Many homes were destroyed, many people were left homeless. Fortunately, for our base, there was minimal damage as far as, there was no injuries to people but we did have a lot of trees uprooted, branches falling, flooding that was going on there.”

Peterson says while many are trying to recover, their ministry will assist in any way they can. They’ll also use the time to minister to the spiritual needs of the people. “Anytime that we have the opportunity to share the love of Christ, and just to meet needs on a practical level, it can open doors and it can open people’s hearts who have been suffering and just sharing God’s love is something that’s close to the heart of God and so anytime that we’re able to meet needs like that, we want to do that.”

Pray that donations will come in so that ministry in Madagascar can move forward.

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