Encouragement comes as a balm to Egyptian church leaders.

By February 16, 2006

Egypt (MNN)–Throughout the Middle East, pastors are often caught in the crossfire between their culture and their faith.

Global Advance Ministry’s David Shibley says they saw an incredible hunger from the Egyptian church leaders they went to help in January. “With the seething undercurrent of unrest in the Islamic world right now, anyone who is not perceived to be Muslim is sometimes considered unpatriotic to the nation, as well. So often, these pastors are very much persecuted either explicitly or implicitly.”

Shibley says ministry is a challenge in some areas where openly sharing their faith results in harassment. That’s why the Frontline Shepherd’s Conference was a source of encouragement.

“These pastors, in particular, have the job of living with their Muslim neighbors, loving them, being salt and light and getting the Gospel to them,” Shibley explains. He goes on to say, “At the same time, there is a tremendous interest in the person of Jesus.”

The Frontline Shepherds Conferences are catalysts for Church Planting and Indigineous Missions Efforts. Their aim is to provide national pastors and church leaders with a vision in their hearts for the advance of the Gospel.

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