English as second language reaches out to internationals in U-S

By March 23, 2004

USA (MNN) — The number of people who speak English as a second language is growing in number in the United States speak English. Since many of these people want to improve their speaking ability, it provides an incredible opportunity for Christians to reach out spiritually. That’s why Cornerstone University is stepping up their efforts to assist believers in this effort.

Cornerstone University held it’s 3rd Annual Ministry conference over the weekend. About 100 people from three states participated in the conference this year. Organizer of the event Doctor Michael Pasqualle says, “Churches want to be able to reach out to their neighbors to meet a very practical need, but also to be able to have a way to introduce themselves around the church.”

Pasqualle says this conference accomplishes a number of goals. He says, “To gain new ideas on how to do it, being able to network with other people — to feel like you’re not alone, to be able to connect with other organizations.”

Participants say the conference has been helpful. Anne Mallekoote is working with University students with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in Grand Rapids. Mallekoote says she uses English as a Second Langue or ESL to do a number of things. “It’s to welcome students to the area and then to share Jesus with them and to equip them to be basically ambassadors and witnesses for Jesus in their home countries for those that go home,” says Mallekoote.

Mallekoote says ESL allows Christians in the United States to be international missionaries without having to leave home. “God’s really has been bringing the world to our door step,” she says. “The world is surrounding. We can meet people from India, Japan, Africa, Europe, all over.”

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