European churches plan for outreach after Purpose Driven

By November 29, 2005

Europe (MNN) — While Purpose Driven Ministries has been popular in the United States, the principles are creating a stir in Europe. Purpose Driven is a church health model that provides a pastoral team with a unique, biblically-based approach to establishing, transforming, and maintaining a balanced, growing congregation that seeks to fulfill the God-given purposes of worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and missions.

According to Purpose Driven, more than 2,000 churches throughout Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands have held 40 Days of Purpose campaigns. Many believe these campaigns will help the church not only grow in number, but reach out in evangelism.

The European churches have experienced some challenges. Mainstream press paints a bleak picture for religious faith, reporting falling attendance and an apathy towards spiritual issues. However, one pastor in England says he’s seeing a change of attitudes in the church to a “We can make a difference” attitude.

The most recent Purpose Driven conference was held recently in England where 30 countries were represented, 20 European. Pray that these churches will be effective not only in church growth, but evangelism and discipleship.

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