Evangelical team moves toward faith goal in Nigeria.

By July 6, 2006

Nigeria (MNN)–Nigeria is doing great work as one of the great missionary-sending nations in Africa.

However, peace between the north and the south remain a problem for the church there. To them, the hope of Christ plays a key role in peace-making.

The people struggle for hope. Recent statistics indicate that 2.6 million Nigerians are infected with AIDS and the numbers are increasing. Over 1.55 million children have lost one or both parents to AIDS.

Given those numbers, the reasonable assumption is that with that many orphans and street children, thousands will potentially be sold into forced labor or the sex industry.

Churches often work to create a safe haven for these victims. In the course of this ministry, they often need organization, funding, tools and workers.

Pray for the mobilization of local churches and workers as they work in the daily distribution of the Book of Hope to the youth.

Their goal this year is to finish distributing five million copies of the Book of Hope throughout the country.

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