Evangelism cubes to help fight AIDS and Islam in Africa

By July 30, 2004

Africa (MNN) — AIDS, war and the advancement of Islam has stripped Africans of all hope. Because of that, it ironically makes now a perfect time to bring the Gospel to that part of the world that can change them forever. Believers are also hungry for growth but pastors are ill-equipped to teach them.

That where E3 Partners comes in. In the next few months, EvangeCube will launch an Africa initiative with partner ministries that will truly make the church one body. It will be a focused, intentional and comprehensive long-term strategy for Africa that simply consists of training the national church and transferring knowledge and materials to help it grow.

Through their strategy of creating alliances with other ministries, rather than competing with them, God has raised up an incredible network that is already working in East Africa. EvangeCube will utilize their partners’ existing staff and infrastructure to leverage their resources and save time and money.

The US church also has an opportunity like never before to make a global impact. Churches are looking for real, results-oriented relationships. By training local church members and empowering them to go with EvangeCube to Africa, the local church can grow locally by acting globally.

Their initial three year project will include six countries in East Africa: Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.

Pray that enough volunteers and churches will come together to help Africa’s spiritual awakening. Pray, too, for wisdom and discernment as this strategy is planned.

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