Evangelism in Angola meets enthusiasm; believers meet a growth of sects in Angola.

By August 2, 2004

Angola (MNN)–Angola’s church leaders are concerned about a sharp rise in the number of religious sects in their country.

The entrance of sects in the country is a great danger to the society, because many of these sects try to implant the cultures and beliefs of the countries they come from.

In addition, the sects are offering interpretations of evangelical faith that border heresy. That has also spawned new cults, especially popular with the poor in the region.

This issue took prominence at counselor training sessions in advance of Sammy Tippit Ministries’ meetings two weeks ago.

Chris Dillashaw was part of the evangelistic team. “We were able to train them as counselors, but we were also able to get across to them the basic elements of being a Christian, so that when they come against some of these sects, that they can know in their hearts and be able to express with their words what’s wrong with that and how they can fight that battle on a daily basis in conversation.”

Dillashaw says discipleship is crucial now. Teams are holding a ‘new believers service’ this Sunday. “The eight major denominations are coming together for this ‘new believers’ service’. These new believers are going to have an opportunity to meet the pastor who lives closest to them so that they can get ‘plugged in’. Then what they’re going to do from there is anybody that filled out a decision card that doesn’t come to the service, then those people are going to have a personal visit to their home.”

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