Evangelistic teams train Russian believers for future ministry.

By January 21, 2004

Russia (MNN)–Global Mission Fellowship is one of many ministries partnering with the Russian Baptist Union for a program called “Expedition.”

In Expedition, many Russian nationals are being trained to do evangelistic/church planting ministry. MNN’s Greg Yoder just returned from a 14 day trip with the Expedition teams, telling their stories throughout the stops in the Siberian villages.

GMF’s Vasily Dmitriesvky says they’re a part of the movement, and they provide tools for a future ministry in Northern Russia. “They train a local small body of believers how to use the Evangecube so after the little team leaves and continues with Expedition, local believers have these Evangecubes and will continue to share the Gospel with their people in that village.”

The Evangecube is a pictoral unfolding of the Gospel with a clear plan of salvation. Its use does not require literacy, but a storytelling ability.

One main outreach threat is the bitter cold of the Siberian tundra. Dmitrievsky urges prayer support for the teams. “People can pray for the people that they (the teams) see, because they see not only missionaries, but a lot of people who don’t know the Lord yet, and as they share the Gospel, we need the Lord to prepare their hearts to be receptive.”

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