Every short-term mission team can evangelize, says Talking Bibles

By October 19, 2005

USA (MNN) — There’s a new mission outreach opportunity that’s emerging that could help short-term mission groups be more effective in evangelism.

Talking Bibles International’s Paul Hoekstra says, “People in churches are going out now on short-term mission trips to Africa, Asia and South America and different countries, and they are beginning to carry Talking Bibles with them.”

Talking Bibles are a small audio unit that has the Bible in audio in their heart language for people who are illiterate. Hoekstra says mission team members can use these units to have an impact on those not well tied to the local church. “We’re encouraging them to equip themselves, and then when they get to where they’re doing the missions outreach work to look around for people that are on the periphery, the marginalized, those that aren’t in the mainstream and leave behind with them a talking Bible.”

As mission work teams head overseas, Hoekstra says, Talking Bibles gives them a real opportunity to share the Gospel in a way they previously didn’t have. “We’re finding it’s an excellent way to bring Bibles to people who do not have God’s Word. The teams go out for another purpose, but they can carry along Talking Bibles and just leave them in the hands of people they meet along the way.”

Hoekstra says Talking Bibles are having an impact. “In Tanzania, one man had received a Talking Bible and he began using it in a group of people and he shortly thereafter reported to us that they had baptized 10 new believers out of that group that he had started. Now this is a non-literate person, who had a desire to share and witness.”

Bulk unit purchases for short-term mission teams are available. Click on the link above for information.

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