Evicted church members find new building

By January 8, 2004

India (MNN)–Believers in Hyderabad lost their church building two months ago after a neighboring Hindu filed a complaint against them.

According to Grace Ministries’ Subash Muthyala, their neighbor has tried for some time to get them to leave. Toward the end of last year, the group was finally evicted

GMI’s Sam Vinton says that the group had been looking for a place to meet when a neighbor from across the street agreed to rent his unfinished apartment for them to use as an office and church. “It’s amazing how a Hindu on one side of the street objected to their presence, but the other one on the other side welcomed them and gave them a building. So, they are in the process now of moving ahead with that building that they have been given to use.”

The group has been busy fixing up the apartment and arranging a room for the Sunday worship services to be held. It will take a couple months or so to get the rest of the place arranged. They are praising the Lord for providing a place for them to worship. Meanwhile, ministry continues, in spite of rising persecution. Vinton says, “I believe that one of the best things to pray is that the Lord would give ways of ‘how do you reach these people?’ One of the pastors in one of the village churches near Hyderabad, just got a group of men and began talking to them and having them visit him in his home. He led ten of them to the Lord.”

Pray for this church as they move into the new buillding,. Pray too, that the testimony of the church continues to speak loudly to onlookers.

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