Explosive church growth comes to India in the wake of the tsunami.

By January 2, 2006

India (MNN)–India lost more than 16,000 people to the tsunami a year ago, as villages were wiped out along its southern coast.

Mission India’s Dave Stravers says many of the survivors who were struggling before the tsunami were left with no industry after the disaster.

That’s where their long-term ministry plans have seen great response. “We have invested a lot in training and job skills and literacy. We have about 15-thousand people now in our job skills and literacy classes.”

Many times it was the Christians who brought aid, while others failed to respond at all. The upshot is that because of the testimony of their teams, people have felt the living Gospel.

The end result, Stravers says, is that: “Our partners in the area are confident that there will be a new church started in every single village that was affected by the tsunami, and several dozen of those churches have already been begun through our work. We’re expecting upwards of five thousand baptisms.”

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