Face of a Child gifts provide doors to share the Gospel with orphans in Moldova

By February 3, 2006

Moldova (MNN) — There are thousands of orphans in Moldova. With the end of communism came incredible poverty. Many mothers and fathers were forced to leave Moldova to find work. Their children were left with grandparents, or left in government run orphanages.

While the government does what they can to provide for these children, their needs are far from met. That’s why Little Samaritan Mission is trying to help as many of these children as possible. According to Little Samaritan’s founder, Florin Pindicblaj, the mission is helping around 10,000 orphaned children. The program, “Face of a Child” is just a part of it.

Mission Network News’ Greg Yoder is with Pindicblaj this week. He accompanied his team to the orphanage in Razina, about 100 miles from the capital, to distribute more than 200 ‘Face of a Child’ packages. Pindicblaj says it’s a unique program. “Little Samaritan took a picture of a child, brought it to American, give to those who wanted to make a package, give the list of contents (to American sponsors) and someone just seeing a piece of paper with an image of the child, bought the stuff, put it in the package and sent it to them.”

The packages this year included shampoo, warm pajama, socks, school supplies and more. However, Pindicblaj says there God’s Word was also a part of it. “Beside the package, Little Samaritan Moldova gave them a New Testament, copies of Keys for Kids from Children’s Bible House, the book ‘Love Dating Marriage’ for the teenagers and also notebooks.”

According to Pindicblaj, this is being a James Chapter 1 Christian. “When you tell them God loves you. You teach them to prayer and to read the Bible, it’s one thing. But, when he reaches this gift it’s a practical Gospel. It’s love in action; Christian compassion, practically made.”

You can get involved with ‘Face of a Child’ this year. Click on the link below to get connected.

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