Fallujah terrorists threaten Christians

By April 15, 2004

Iraq (MNN)–U-S forces and Iraqi resistance continued fierce fighting in the embattled town of Fallujah.

Rebel forces have resorted to other means to try and force an end to the siege. The rise in kidnappings of foreigners corresponds with a threat made by members of a terrorist group vowing to kill Christians if the operation didn’t stop.

Voice of the Martyrs’ Todd Nettleton says the warning came at Easter, but it’s raised concern over the safety of believers in the near future. “I think if you look into the mind of a radical Muslim in the Middle East, they see America as a Christian nation. So, if you’re angry at America, you’re also angry at Christians.”

Nettleton believes the threat is a logical progression and that violence against believers will increase. That makes outreach difficult. “We’ve seen, in the last week, aid workers targeted, mission workers targeted… sort of as a substitute target for America itself, and so I think we’re seeing that happen.”

A case in point: on April 12, a convoy carrying food, water and blood was delayed and rerouted when Coalition forces escorting the convoy discovered improvised explosive devices along its route.

A second humanitarian convoy was hit by IEDs and small arms fire before it reached the city. Coalition forces returned fire and called in a helicopter gunship to destroy the enemy. The convoy safely reached the city with the help of Coalition forces.

Nettleton acknowledges that ministry in the area right now is dangerous, but won’t stop. Further, he suggests that Christians elsewhere can support the church. “Our job, here, obviously is to lift up our brothers and sisters who are there, to pray for them, to support them in any way we can.”

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