Families of Bible school students receive help

By May 3, 2005

Indonesia (MNN) — Even though it’s been over a month since the 8.7 earthquake struck Nias Island, Indonesia the people are in desperate need. Teen Missions International is doing everything they can do to help. They’re starting off by helping families of Bible school students.

BMW Bible School is Teen Mission’s Bible, Missionary and Worm training center. Leaders of the school traveled to Nias Island a few weeks ago to assist seven families of their Bible school students. $100 gifts were given to help begin the repairs of their homes.

According to Teen Missions, nearly all brick houses and buildings were destroyed including bridges, roads and almost 1,000 churches.

What’s interesting about this disaster is that none of the families they talked with complained or were angry. They were praising God for His protection and privilege to be alive. Pray that this testimony will speak volumes to those who don’t know Christ and that many would turn to Him for salvation.

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