Family issues move radio ministry forward.

By October 22, 2003

USA (MNN)–While national trends in child welfare are noting improvement in key factors of poverty, education and family, there other trends that put children at risk.

Many of these issues facing children have not been accurately reflected in children’s media programming. One area not often addressed is the direct effect of broken families on children. However, that’s a trend that’s changing. CBH Ministries’ marketing director, Simon Guevara explains how. “‘Down Gilead Lane’ is the half-hour radio drama, and what we’ve done with that show in season five is, we’ve brought in a broken family, a family that has gone through divorce. The key family, the Morrison family, is going to be witnessing and standing strong with this family, as they experience many of the emotions of this brokenness.”

Guevara says changing family dynamics means ministry must respond. “If you look at the statistics for kids, and the amount of them that are experiencing divorce in this country, it is an impossibility to ignore that. We have a responsibility, with the children’s ministry, to meet their needs with the Gospel. The only way we can do that, I think, is to be relevant in that area.”

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