FARMS launches a new partnership with the Rwandan church.

By December 6, 2004

Rwanda (MNN)–Rwanda is still trying to heal from the poverty caused by genocide a decade ago, while remaining poised for war with neighboring Congo.

FARMS International’s Nathan McLaughlin says they’re launching a new partnership with the Evangelical Friends Church in the capital city, Kigali.

It’s a pilot project with six churches in the city involving small business loans to families in those churches. “They are going to do a number of businesses that will allow them to alleviate the heavy poverty. But also, through their tithing to their churches, they’ll be able to become independent and take the Gospel to the country of Rwanda through their own means and their own support.”

McLaughlin says this is also one step toward the peace in a country that continues to feel the aftereffects of civil war. “There has been a big push by the international Christian church to really help bring political stability and economic stability to that country.”

Pray for this partnership that it will set the example in the communities for long-lasting ministry and peace.

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