Final stop for ‘On Eagles Wings’ meets opposition

By August 10, 2007

Canada (MNN) — A team of native American Christians were met with challenges on the final stop of their Summer of Hope ministry tour in Canada.

Criag Smith with Ron Hutchcraft Ministries' On Eagle Wings says just before the final stop of the nine-reservation tour, the local ministry leader called saying the local school administration had backed out of allowing them to use his facilities for outreach events.

Through God's grace, they were able to secure the parking lot of a local business owner, allowing the ministry to take place there. Though it was a tight squeeze, the ministry was well received. Great relationships were quickly established, and nights one and two flew by.

Then on day three, the Smiths received a telephone call that made their hearts sink. Their first granddaughter died from complications due to a very difficult pre-mature birth.

Despite these challenges, Smith says many Native youth made professions of faith. Smith says, "It was an amazing moment that, in my own personal grief, God comforted my heart with the realization that Heaven will be populated with many more sons and daughters because of our OEW team's efforts."

Pray for the Smith's and their family as they go through this difficult loss. Pray also for these new babes in Christ. Pray that they'll grow in their faith and that they'll begin reaching out to their peers.

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