Fire damages a mission base in Indonesia.

By June 21, 2004

Indonesia (MNN)–Religious clashes on one of the biggest islands in the world seem to have quieted, although the memory’s specter loomed following a recent event.

Mission Aviation Fellowship’s Kevin Swanson says they lost part of their base in Borneo to a fire May 28th. The building was a shop building and did not house planes. A blessing, Swanson says.

As for the building that burned, it was a total loss. “It seems to have started in an electrical panel. For those of us who have lived overseas, we understand how standards and codes are often very different than what we’re used to here in the U-S. It is not all that uncommon for there to be a wiring problem. We’re thankful that it does not appear to be related to any sectarian problem.”

Swanson says with the loss of the building, the flight program there was forced to shut down. “As soon as we can get adequate maintenance facilities and tools and parts, we should be able to put the flight program back in operation.”

The loss will be partially covered by insurance. However, MAF is trying to come up with extra funds to assist the staffers in getting back in the air. Of a timeline, Swanson says, ” I would sincerely hope that during the course of the summer, we would have the program at least partially operational again.”

MAF is a team of aviation and communication specialists supporting more than 300 mission agencies globally.

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