First aid help reaches El Fundo, Ecuador.

By October 24, 2006

Ecuador (MNN)–SIM Loja just sent a healthcare team to a remote mountain village in El Fundo, Ecuador.

The team is holding two more first aid and Bible study training clinics over the next two weekends. Meeting the village’s practical needs for healthcare is the first step to demonstrate the healing love of Christ.

The effort came as the result of some groundwork lain a year earlier. The team had been in the region conducting a healthcare survey. They discovered that the last person trained to deliver babies died a year ago. No one else had been trained to replace them.

Need + opportunity = ministry opportunity. In addition to the medical training, they will offer a Bible study and a children’s Bible program.

Pray that two people will stand out from the first aid class who will be given further training in childbirth and nutrition. Also pray that many people in El Fundo will know God’s love through this ministry.

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