Fishing villages produce long-term solutions to poverty.

By July 31, 2006

Jamaica (MNN) — Breaking the cycle of poverty is one of the goals of Food For the Poor’s “New Life, New Hope – Building Communities” projects in Jamaica and Haiti. Through fishing villages, they are beginning to accomplish that goal.

Although surrounded by plenty of water, fishermen in Jamaica and Haiti are unable to fish them properly, lacking sound boats and equipment to do so.

Food for the Poor’s initiative is developing fishing villages that provide fishermen with training, seaworthy boats and other equipment to help produce greater earnings. Fishermen are able to work in deeper, more bountiful waters and yield fish that can feed not only their families, but enough to sell or share with others as well.

In return for the assistance, the fishermen must give back to the community by helping feed the elderly and others and by passing on fishing skills to the youth. It’s a benefit not only to the fishermen, but their families and communities as well.

As part of the New Life, New Hope project, Food for the Poor teams are also planting fruit tree nurseries and creating tilapia (fish) farms.

Their desire is to see lasting and self-sustaining solutions to the poorest of the poor who struggle even for daily survival. It’s about reaching out in Jesus’ name to bring about change.

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