Fixed tuned radios save lives in Africa.

By January 20, 2004

Africa (MNN)–HCJB World Radio continues to help partner ministries start new stations and ministries.

In addition to broadcasting Christian programs and vital community development information, HCJB’s Ron Cline says they have established radio clubs through fixed tuned radios in Africa. “Our goal this year is 25-thousand of those little fixed-tuned radios in Africa. Tanzania, Gabon, and Congo, are where we’re putting those. They have radio clubs. You can’t listen to it alone, that’s the rule. You cannot listen to the radio alone, you have to listen to it in a group.”
By building a discipleship community, Cline says their radio programming has also saved lives, in more ways than one. “They give little id cards for members of the radio club, and when the rebels come through and try to ‘recruit’ people into the rebels, these kids will whip out that id card and say ‘I can’t be a rebel, I’m a member of the radio club’, and somehow, it works.”

Partner station Radio Kahuzi in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo (D.R.C.),is a ministry of Believer’s Express Service, Inc. They have established more than 120 radio clubs with more than 8,000 members throughout the mountain villages of the D.R.C., Rwanda and Burundi.

All of these clubs receive radios fixed-tuned to Radio Kahuzi, so the members can hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

In Third World countries, the cost of a radio is out of reach for many families. Fixed-tuned radios cost $30 each.

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