Fledgling ministry hangs in the balance of an appeal against rite of passage.

By August 25, 2006

Panama (MNN)–New Tribes Mission tells of a team of Kuna missionaries who are taking a stand for their faith and breaking with local tradition in Panama.

The trio, Edelfonso, Videncio and Luis, will soon go before the village leaders to make an appeal against participating in the local drunken rites of passage.

It’s a delicate time in their ministry, because they have only just begun their work, having been sent to the villages to teach literacy.

God used this to open doors and recently the village chiefs, who once opposed the presence of Kuna Bible teachers, have invited the Kuna church to send in missionaries to live among them.

However, the chiefs of both villages began insisting the Kuna missionaries pay a monthly tax of $25 and drink in the village drunken ceremonies. One missionary writes that over the years, believers have taken stands against the drunken orgiastic activity. The chiefs dealt with this rebellion by making them pay hefty monetary fines.

Pray for wisdom for the missionaries and open doors for their ministry.

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