Flooding has subsided, help still needed in Bombay

By August 23, 2005

India (MNN) — More than 100 people have died as a result of water borne disease in the aftermath of flooding in Bombay, India. The record monsoon rains last month killed about 1,000 people, mostly by mudslides. The receding flood waters have left behind animal carcasses, raw sewage, and disease.

OMS International is doing all they can to help the victims of this disaster, which hit the slum areas the hardest. Don Saum of OMS says they’re providing funds to help the Evangelical Church of India supply food, clothing, temporary shelter and Christ’s love. “There were very few Christians in this particular area that they would like to help and there has not been other help. To help 1,000 families would be about $100,000, which we really do not have,” says Saum.

This funding is allowing OMS to do something they wouldn’t otherwise be able to accomplish. Saum says, “It’s really just showing the compassionate love of Christ in these communities where we have the churches and trying to help not just our own people, but to try to reach out and meet the physical and emotional needs of the people in those communities.”

However, the fund raising has been difficult for this need. “India was so hard hit with the tsunami that there’s just not a lot of extra funds available in country from our churches.”

The national churches simply don’t have the wealth to help, says Saum. “Financially, when things like this hit, they really need outside help in order to meet the needs. They would love for us to take this one whole area on, but we simply do not have those funds available.”

Click on the link above to help OMS International provide funding to the India church for relief and outreach work.

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