Flooding in Thailand damages Bible masters, work delayed

By September 13, 2005

Thailand (MNN) — While Hurricane Katrina has been the focus of world news, another natural disaster has delayed ministry in Thailand. Last month flooding in northern Thailand forced the evacuation of 100,000 people. The flood waters destroyed 2,100 homes and acres of crops. It also affected at least one ministry.

Talking Bibles International’s Paul Hoekstra. “One of the studios that we work with to produce New Testament recordings, was damaged. Water level came up to about window height and caused a lot of damage to equipment and also to valuable master recordings in the studio.”

However, because the masters were archived in the United States, the program has been salvaged. Hoekstra says that it still had an impact on their work. “It’s delayed the process of distribution to the people. We’re looking at three languages that have been affected, the Karen language, the Lahu language and the Thaileu language. Basically they’re hill tribes people that live in the northern part of Thailand.”

The masters are expected to be back in the country in six to eight weeks.

The damage is estimated at $50,000.

In the meantime, pray that they’ll be able to repair the studio equipment and that the Talking Bible ministry will continue. Pray that many will respond to God’s Word in an area that’s very resistant to the Gospel.

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